Friday, March 16, 2018

The Ascent


The third main Thuria book opens with the spaceship Tashar phasing into existence, with two passengers, the Teldear Dynaea and Abretho, bantering. Another of the occupants, Theo, morphs into the various races that inhabit Thuria, providing readers a good idea on how each of the species appears. Rumor has it that the Faelnar, among them being the de Caterra family, wish to enslave the Vulpi through exploitation of their genetic weakness, with Sahnassa de Orturu, Sahni for short, sending out a distress signal. The main chapters open with Sahni talking with Theo, and Sahni’s friend Kylie receiving relief of her debts.

One of the main antagonists of this entry is Corellianadurini de Caterra, or Corelliana for short, who yearns to enslave the Vulpi and for her family to be supreme. One of the initial victims of Faelnar exploitation is the Vulpi Marisae, whom Sahni tells of her own personal experiences. Romance plays a greater role in this installment as well, with Saletta and Flint having something of a relationship, the former torn between him and family. A secret meeting is held with luminaries such as Kinnessa de Gonari, Theo also a part and believing that Thuria is not yet ready to learn about extraterrestrial life.

A minor character in this tale of Thuria is Cortuse de Khaetria, who is held in a storage room and is ultimately freed. The main sickness that the Faelnar use to exploit the Vulpi is termed Altian-B, with Van being one of its victims, although she ultimately recovers. Vulpi and Faelnar are eventually forbidden from leaving the Rician continent, with Kylie also studying for academy entrance examinations. As in earlier stories, Kylie and Sahni receive life-threatening afflictions, with Tallen professing his love for the latter, and the former gradually recovering her memories.

An alleged cure for Altian-B is Reticin, although it supposedly has its own horrors, with Kylie comforting the afflicted Marisae and ultimately leaving her family to go with Dynaea. A death is faked, with the military ultimately formulating a response to Vulpi persecution, going so far as to propose bombing the estates of the de Caterra. Many of the Faelnar estates surrender, although one refuses to do so, with the ending storyline becoming somewhat tense. Although more reminders of character races and appearances would have been welcome, this is another solid tale of Thuria.

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