Thursday, March 1, 2018

Sekaiju no MeiQ Original Soundtrack

This is the soundtrack of the first in the series of games known as Etrian Odyssey in North America, and known as Sekaiju no MeiQ (a stylized form of Meikyuu), which means Labyrinth of the World Tree in Japan. It's kind of baffling that Atlus chose to rename the franchise Etrian Odyssey overseas, and only the first game takes place in Etria, with future games being disconnected plot-wise. It would be like calling the second Indiana Jones movie Raiders of the Lost Ark 2. Whatever the logic behind the retitling, the music is definitely one of the main draws to the game, composed by ActRaiser composer Yuzo Koshiro. The soundtrack is in somewhat digitized form, although it's still gorgeous, with plenty of solid tracks such as the theme during exploration of the First Stratum. Definitely recommended listening.

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