Monday, March 5, 2018

Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version

I definitely have fond memories of this game when I was growing up during the mid-1990s, being one of the last great RPGs on the Super NES. As with other games I had played back then, I didn't think much about the music, one of the first efforts by composer Yasunori Mitsuda, with some tracks from Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, but when I matured, I learned to appreciate what effort Japanese game developers tend to put into the music of their titles.

Some of the music itself utilizes sound effects, such as the ticking of a clock for the title screen music, with the main theme from the opening cinematic for the SNES being one of the central themes, of which there are several remixes throughout the album. Many characters further get their own themes, always a plus in music, and there are even two bonus tracks unused in the SNES version (but the later Nintendo DS port), a secondary battle theme and a dungeon theme. This is definitely a great album overall.

Highly recommended listening.

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