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Poisoning Our Children

Dr. Vandana Shiva commences this eye-opening book by mentioning that Cordoba, Argentina is the epicenter of a pesticide allegedly leading to cancer and defects in children. Agroecology and organic farm, she insists, can produce more and safer food. She mentions the corporation Bayer’s ties to Nazi Germany, and that Bayer in conjunction with Monsanto had a joint venture that produced Agent Orange used during the Vietnam War (this reviewer should mention that his late maternal grandfather was exposed to Agent Orange and his death was linked to it). She concludes her foreword stating the World Health Organization (WHO) says noncommunicable diseases are the leading cause of death in the world.

Leu himself writes an introduction stating the book’s target audience is parents, and that pesticide residues in food can lead to harm in their children. Glyphosate, he says, is the most widely-used pesticide in the world and the second-highest cause of cancer. He further insists that prenatal exposure to pesticides can lead to conditions such as autism spectrum disorders (with this reviewer being on the spectrum himself despite having no familial history of the diagnosis), cancer, anger management issues, and so forth. He provides other statistics that environmental exposure accounts for almost four fifths of cancer diagnoses.

The author dedicates a chapter to rebuking each of five myths of pesticides: that they have been rigorously tested, people are only exposed to a very small amount of them, they break down, regulatory officials are trustworthy, and that pesticides are essential to agriculture. Concluding his expose is a section about protecting children and their future, and Leu overall does a nice job with his page-turning book, luckily without targeting specific politicians or political groups, making this a must-read from public officials all across spectrums of beliefs. There are some minor stylistic choices with which this reviewer disagrees, although he would definitely recommend this book to parents worldwide.

Book Details:

Book Title: Poisoning Our Children: The Parent's Guide to the Myths of Safe Pesticides
Author: André Leu
Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 206 pages
Genre: Educational / Parenting / Nature - Science
Publisher: Acres USA
Release date: March 1, 2018
Tour dates: March 12 to April 13, 2018
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

Parenting was never easy. While loving, teaching and nourishing children, parents also seek to protect them from harm. The past few generations, however, have been silently attacked by thousands of manmade, poisonous chemicals carried into homes and children's bodies in our food supply. The chemical-based conventional agriculture industry claims that the synthesized concoctions they sell as pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides are safe when used as directed, but does the scientific evidence truly support their assertions?

When pesticide residues are found in 77 percent of all foods in the United States, it's important to know the truth. Organic agriculturist André Leu has weeded through a wealth of respected scientific journals to present peer-reviewed evidence proving that the claims of chemical companies and pesticide regulators are not all they seem.

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About the Author:

André Leu is a longtime organic farmer in Australia and a director of Regeneration International. He served as president of IFOAM Organics International from 2011 to 2017. He speaks widely and regularly testifies to governments and NGOs worldwide on pesticide safety and policy. He is the author of the award-winning book, The Myths of Safe Pesticides.

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