Saturday, March 10, 2018

Temple of the Winds

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The fourth main Sword of Truth novel opens with the Mord-Sith Cara and Mother Confessor Kahlan interrogating an assassin sent by Emperor Jagang of the Imperial Order, Marlin Pikard, to assassinate Lord Rahl, the attempted murderer ultimately incarcerated. Surprising Richard is the arrival of Nadine Brighton, who was his fling back in the Westlands, and wants to wed him. As a plague hits Aydindril, a man named Drefan from a tribe of healers known as the Raug’Moss comes, using his knowledge to aid the afflicted. Richard ultimately hears of a prophecy that he will watch his people die and be betrayed by someone close to him.

A few chapters deal with Zedd and Ann, who have various peoples hold them captive such as the Nangtong. Some portions further involve a young woman named Clarissa, whose city of Renwold is under siege by the Imperial Order, with many victims receiving rings on their lips to symbolize their slavery. Clarissa’s path ultimately intersects with that of Nathan Rahl, while in Aydindril the plague victims continue to pile up, with the titular Temple of the Winds serving as a possible solution to the epidemic, although special conditions are necessary to cause it to appear.

Richard also wants to officially marry Kahlan, although they delay their nuptials due to prophecy and Nadine’s arrival. There is also suspicion of the enigmatic Drefan, with plenty of twists and tensions towards the end of the story. Overall, this is another enjoyable Sword of Truth story, with plenty of action and suspense that will keep readers hooked from beginning to end. Although part of a larger series, the book somewhat stands alone, as do others in the series, and while prospective readers could theoretically start with it, this one prefers to read literary franchises chronologically.

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