Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Key visual.jpg
This anime is a midquel to Dragon Ball Z, occurring a few months after Goku's defeat of Evil Majin Buu but years before the final time skip in the series. The first plot arc focuses on Goku and friends squaring off against the destroyer Beerus, the second on an old villain being revived and battled, and the third on a tournament between contenders from two universes, including Goku's. There's a mini-plot arc involving clone water, and overall, what has been broadcast in the series in English has definitely been good, with some really epic battles and occasional humor.

Chicago III

Consists mostly of instrumentals, with little memorable music, although there are some interesting tracks such as "Progress?" that incorporate real-life sound effects such as jackhammers.

"Siamese Cat"

This is a sonnet I wrote since I was paired with an artist who will depict it in her painting sometime this summer:

Siamese cat from the land of the Thai
Born white as snow with brown indication,
I shall love you until the day you die,
More than a mere pet in subjugation.
In age black and brown overtake whiteness
And sometimes upon the lap you do rise.
Under mistreatment you bite and you hiss,
And in the sunlight, photosynthesize.
I love cold kisses from your button nose
Though you sometimes struggle to flee my hugs.
I further love how you on my bed doze
And make mincemeat out of roaches and bugs.
O frisky feline of ancient Siam,
Sometimes fitful, but gentle as a lamb.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chicago (album)

The first of the original Chicago albums I've had the pleasure of listening to, still in their signature early jazzy / rocky style, with plenty of good tracks that didn't spawn singles and a few that did, including "Colour My World", "Make Me Smile", and the energetic "25 or 6 to 4". There are a few medleys like "Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon" and the political, but not overly-political, "It Better End Soon". The album ends on a high note with "Where Do We Go from Here", and is definitely recommended listening.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Chicago Transit Authority


I was first exposed to Chicago's music when I was back in high school, and my dad bought two "best of" collections. I was instantly hooked on their music, and in recent time I've been seeking to listen to all their older albums, starting with their debut one with their original name, changed due to lawsuits from the actual Chicago Transit Authority.

The opening song, "Introduction," effectively demonstrates the band's early jazzy rocky style, and then goes to one of their first singles spawned by the album, "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" Their next two singles, "Beginnings," a passionate love ballad, and "Questions 67 and 68," follow, with the latter having a somewhat non-indicative title.

Most of the rest of the album is good, aside from "Free Form Guitar," which is really cacophonous, including the band's take on the Spencer Davis Group's "I'm a Man." Overall, this was definitely an enjoyable debut album at the time of its release, and I'm definitely glad I had the opportunity to listen to it online, lest I missed out on some really jazzy and rocky tracks.