Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Measure of the Magic

The Measure of the Magic by Terry Brooks
In the second and final entry of author Terry Brooks’ Legends of Shannara duology, an individual known as the ragpicker wanders, while Prue Liss’ life is saved by the sacrifice of another, Prue rescued from Taureq Siq and his Trolls as a favor to Sider Ament. The ragpicker serves as something as an observer during subsections of many chapters, and there’s more to him than meets the eye. Panterra Qu in the meantime goes after Arik Siq and keeps him as a reluctant prisoner, hoping to see the Seraphic, although the holder of that title, Skeal Eile, wants his servant Bonnasaint to off Pan.

Prue meets the King of the Silver River and learns that she is to be a helper in maintaining the balance between the Word and the Void, and soon finds herself colorblind except for a wandering scarlet dove. Princess Phryne Amarantyne is under house arrest due to her alleged hand in her father the King’s murder, and gets a note promising her emancipation, with many believing that she, and not her stepmother Isoeld Severine, should be the next Elven monarch. Both Pan and Phryne eventually find themselves in a void where a long-deceased Queen communicates with them.

Some twists about involving the ragpicker and the Seraphic that culminate in the climax of the novel, which ultimately ends satisfactorily, although a dictionary defining the various terms native to the Shannara franchise would have definitely been welcome. One can also find it difficult at times as to remember the particular races of certain characters, with regular reminders within the text being welcome, although this fantasy tale is definitely more than readable, and recommended to those who enjoyed its predecessor.

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