Thursday, April 5, 2018

Final Fantasy III Original Soundtrack

This is not to be confused with the Final Fantasy III originally released for the Super NES in North America, which was called Final Fantasy VI in Japan and under that when the average gamer became worldlier. This was the very last of the original entries of the series that North Americans got when Nintendo's DS portable system was possible, with upgrades on all front, graphically and musically. Nobuo Uematsu’s soundtrack for the third entry is definitely one of his best, with some new tracks such as an arrangement serving as the accompaniment to the DS remake’s opening FMV.

Most dungeons have their own unique pieces, such as the first’s “Into the Crystal Cave,” which has a very mysterious quality that definitely fits, and the overworld theme, “Eternal Wind,” which party composes the FMV theme, is definitely one of the soundtrack’s high points. Rounding out the soundtrack is a remix of “Eternal Wind” combining elements from the digitized Famicom soundtrack’s version and the DS remake’s incarnation, not to mention a rock-and-roll version of the final boss theme. Definitely recommended listening.

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