Saturday, April 28, 2018

Super Famicom Edition Dragon Quest III Symphonic Suite

This Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite by revered composer Koichi Sugiyama opens with the familiar overture of the series that played in the Roto / Loto / Erdrick trilogy (the first three entries in the franchise and their respective remakes), following which is the prologue theme to the dream sequence that occurs in remakes of the third installment. Then comes the regal castle theme, along with a medley of town themes and ethnic pieces, such as that played in Jipang, the Japanese-themed town within the game, and the Pyramid theme, the town themes having day and night variations.

The overworld theme follows, bearing resemblance to the award ceremony theme by John Williams that plays at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope, afterward a medley of the dungeon, tower, and phantom ship themes. Then comes the game over and shrine themes, after which is one of the highlights of the Symphonic Suite, the Blue Danube-esque sailing theme. “Heavenly Flight” is just as grand, having calm and exhilarating portions, and “Grueling Fight,” which plays during battles against major bosses, having a sweeping epic feel reflecting the challenge of said antagonists.

Afterward is “Zoma’s Castle,” which is essentially a remix of the subterranean dungeon theme, although it gives a memorability to the track. “Fighting Spirits” is a medley of the normal battle theme, the second overworld theme, and the final boss theme, with the world map track in the middle somewhat clashing with the opening and ending parts of the piece, although it’s not bad. The final piece is “Into the Legend,” which gives a fitting conclusion to the Erdrick trilogy, and accounts overall for an excellent soundtrack that fans of classical music and videogames will likely enjoy.

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