Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest II

The symphonic suite to the first Dragon Quest sequel opens with composer Koichi Sugiyama’s famous march to the series, proceeding to the music that plays on the menu screen. Then the piece played during the opening scenes comes, along with the castle and town themes. The dungeon and tower tracks form a medley, along with the theme played when the player’s characters all die. The shrine theme used in remakes of the first Dragon Quest gets its own arrangement, after which is another medley of the various overworld themes, including the one from the first game in the franchise.

“Beyond the Waves,” the theme that plays while the player is out at sea, is a “Blue Danube”-esque track that effectively captures the thrill of exploring the world. Then comes an arrangement of the normal battle theme and the track playing during the final boss. The symphonic suite concludes with “My Road, My Journey,” the ending theme to the game, which is definitely one of the best pieces in the album, accounting for a satisfying listen. What the music lacks in quantity and diversity, it very easily compensates in quality, and is recommended overall.

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