Friday, April 6, 2018

Persona Original Soundtrack

Megami Tensei is one of those Japanese RPG series of inconsistent quality, with this reviewer strongly liking certain games in the franchise while strongly disliking others. Among the latter was the original Persona on the Sony PlayStation, and I remember not caring much for the music, with the main battle theme, for instances, sounding strikingly similar to the theme from the old Mortal Kombat movie, and the other tracks generally being unmemorable, with the gameplay unfortunately not faring any better, somewhat necessitating the use of a guide.

Even so, the game would receive an upgraded port to the PlayStation Portable, with one of the aspects overhauled being the music, with far more tracks from series regular Shoji Meguro, although a select few tracks from the PSX version, such as one of the boss battle themes, which sounds corny, remaining. While the music is a definite step in the right direction, with some nods to future series entries such as tracks with vocals, much of it is generally unmemorable, with no apparent central themes, although it's by no means bad. Mild recommendation to avoid.

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