Tuesday, April 10, 2018

SaGa Frontier Original Sound Track

This reviewer remembers getting this PlayStation RPG as an Easter gift around a score ago, although even with the help of a strategy guide, he never got around to beating it due to things such as points of no return that could render the game unbeatable. He did eventually triumph over the title some years later, finishing all characters' quests, no less, and one area most can agree is good is Kenji Ito's soundtrack, which begins with "The Opening of a Journey," which comes straight from his Final Fantasy Adventure / Seiken Densetsu / Adventures of Mana soundtrack.

A few, but not all, characters have their own themes, although there is no central theme tying many tracks together. Even so, many tracks stand out, such as the battle themes, with each character's final boss having their unique piece, and the end of all characters' quests having their own distinctive ending tracks. The soundtrack somewhat crosses genres, with those tracks during T260G's quest having a techno feel, and some making use of the organ, such as Emilia's ending theme. All in all, this is definitely one of the high points music-wise of the PlayStation era, and is recommended.

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