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A Penny Lost

Protagonist Penelope “Penny” Grace narrates this time-travel adventure, with her ability to read energies around her in tow, and her father’s electronic tablet being lost. Her twin sister Dinah picks her up, suggesting she recites lines from Shakespeare to distract from the negative energies Penny senses. Regardless, they drive towards the force, finding someone in distress in a house’s basement, with a vacuum sucking Penny and an amnesiac boy who ultimately receives the questionable moniker of “Stranger” away. Penny and Stranger find themselves aboard the doomed vessel Lusitania, whose sinking marks the entry by the Americans into the First World War.

After a series of events, Penny and Strangers find themselves board another vessel, specifically an English prison ship incarcerating felons and rebels from the American Revolution. Here, the two meet another time traveler, Richard “Ricky” Noble, who knows Penny is an empath, and eventually incites an insurrection aboard the boat, taking control over it. The next period towards which Penny makes a jump is when William Shakespeare was a fledgling playwright in the early seventeenth century, with a visit to the Globe Theater and recruitment of a young actor.

The final period is the twenty-third century, which is in desolation following the Second American Civil War, and water is a precious resource. The story concludes after some turf strife, culminating in an incomplete story that just creates more questions at the end, and doesn’t delve into Stranger’s backstory at all. While time travel is definitely plot hole fodder, this was nonetheless an enjoyable story, one of few involving temporal vacation that this reviewer has read thus far, and is, given his inexperience with the genre, certainly one of the strongest in spite of its flaws.

Book Details:

Book Title: A Penny Lost by Aspen Bassett
Category: YA Fiction, 232 pages
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: World Castle Publishing
Release date: Jan 13, 2018
Tour dates: April 23 to May 4, 2018
Content Rating: PG (There's a kiss and some mild violence)

Book Description:

Penelope Grace, usually forgotten under the shadow of her twin sister's perfection, tries her hardest to hide her freakish ability to see into anyone's soul.

Until she senses an unusual energy like a human-shaped void in the universe. When Penny investigates the source, she gets tossed through a crack in time along with the cute boy next door. The Void follows them through history, increasing the dangers as if testing Penny. But what is it testing for? And why does it claim to know her better than even she knows herself? Even as Penny searches for answers, she must fight to survive the tragedies of both the past and future in order to get back home.

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Meet the Author:

Aspen Bassett works at a library, telling stories and suggesting books. When she's not working, she's usually sipping hot cocoa and wondering what would happen if she had superpowers. She's been published in multiple anthologies including Oomph: A Little Super Goes a Long Way and Inaccurate Realities.

Aspen grew up learning about chakras and auras and the true power of imagination which slips into her writing whether she intends it to or not. In college, when she wasn't busy working on her degree in Creative Writing, Aspen also got her certificate in Women's Meditation (basically general energy work). Now, she's working toward a diploma in Integrated Healing Arts with a certificate in Hypnotherapy.

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