Saturday, April 28, 2018

Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack

As was the case with his soundtrack for the seventh mainline entry of the fabled Final Fantasy franchise, Nobuo Uematsu’s score for the second PlayStation entry of the series was vastly different than those for prior entries, given the series’ abandonment of hard fantasy settings in favor of those that bore more science-fiction elements and lesser fantastical aspects. There are several vocal tracks on the soundtrack, among them being the song “Eyes on Me,” which surprisingly was in English even in the Japanese version of the game, serving as something of a central theme.

One of the earlier tracks, that for Balamb Garden, also has several remixes throughout the soundtrack, and there are plenty other standout pieces such as “Silence and Motion,” which sounds distinctly alien and futuristic, given the offbeat choice of instruments for the track. There are a select few tracks longtime fans of the franchise are sure to recognize, such as a few remixes of the chocobo music and part of the ending themes that appears in prior entries, regardless of genre. Overall, this soundtrack is definitely worth a listen, and is on par with the composer’s other work.

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