Saturday, October 6, 2018

Serpents Rising

The third installment of Joe Jackson’s Eve of Redemption series opens with protagonist Karian “Kari” Vanador bathing on the campus of the Demonhunter Order, two promotions away from the group’s topmost position, the Avatar of Vengeance. Kari interrogates the captured demon girl Se’lucia Liria Alaristis, or just Liria, but fails to get any intel from her, soon making it a point to venture into the underworld, Mehr'Durillia, which elicits concern from friends and family. The netherworld’s monarch, King Koursturaux, who is ironically female, yearns for the vorpal sword from one of the book’s main adversaries, Taesenus.

After Kari’s business in the underworld, she and her companions visit the primitive village of Moskarre, where they recruit a new companion, Uldriana, who sort of becomes a magical mistress to Sonja. A character’s pregnancy plays part in the plotline, one character meets their untimely end, and with Danilynn Stahlorr, priestess of Garra Ktarra, Kari and her companions find themselves on the run. Kari eventually visits her husband Grakin and her son Little Gray back at home, after which she receives a new mission, to destroy a temple dedicated to Sekassus.

The novel climaxes at said temple and concludes with Kari getting a message from an adversary, with the third entry of Jackson’s series ultimately being enjoyable, given its anthropomorphic dragon characters and action, although like its predecessors, one can easily lose track of who belongs to which race, how the characters appear, and so forth. Even so, those who enjoyed the book’s predecessors will likely enjoy Serpents Rising, and those who haven’t experienced the niche franchise before would definitely do themselves well to start from the very beginning, else risk confounding themselves within the series’ world.

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