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In the first entry of author R.J. Amezcua’s Mantis Force Trilogy, which he dedicates to his wife Sheryl, a woman named Jazrene Vallo follows families through the forest of Teenoke on the last day of Hoskadish to a cemetery to pay remembrance to the tends of millions killed during a global attack three decades before by Kravjin and Necrogog forces on the Planet Ramah in their attempt to kill Abba El’s Messiah, most of the world’s citizens aware of the prophecy that the divine figure would come forth by a Marium Kahnet virgin.

Jazrene herself has firsthand religious experience, and uses a phantasmal key to open the Kodashah, the Holy book of the Prophets, with her and her adopted daughters (her husband and biological offspring killed in the aforementioned atrocities) consuming the Moshiach. They are headed towards a religious ceremony attended by the Mantis Prophets, among the first, along with the Prespators, of the Grand Assembly to assist since the sinister forces of the Kravanoblus executed their genocide.

Meanwhile, Taona Xongol surveys an area made for live combat composing the Stadageo, located just inside the Rakia Expanse on the Planet Letalis. She yearns for revenge for her deceased family, being a member of the Surapharin, minions of the Tisrad Dragon, the archenemy of Jazrene’s religion. They are executing scientific experiments with lifeless Krauvkar commandos of the Krauvanok military, with their minds residing within the strong bodies of hybrid warriors, an unholy melding accomplished by the Tridents of Hades.

Just outside the Tartarus star clusters on a Krauvanok Alliance military vessel, Balese and Victoria ready themselves to destroy the chief laboratories within the Leviathan project, setting in motion a coordinated timed assault with their sisters of Letalis and Necropis against their targets the Stadageos. In the meantime, Gandu Khanon enters the Sanctavocus, a special room used to communicate securely with individuals beyond the capacity and reach of that used by the Mantis Alliance.

He watches feeds of the Hedropex sphere transfer process, finding that Jazrene Vallo, leader of the sisterhood, has authorized Lakad, letting the sisterhood hire mercenaries to track down and bring rogue sisters back to Ramah, dead or alive. The book also focuses on Rediquin, who repairs a ship and travels to the Aphasium marketplace. Surveying an area where the Muak’Xod leader awaited her, making certain no one surprises her.

Balese takes awe at an enigmatic energy source that reminds her of the creative works of the thirteen races of the Kelkemeks during the time of perfection, like the Bisgabeths, and watches her companions Avisha and Victoria execute their mission. Victoria herself knows that disabling a certain energy conduit would destroy the Multiphasic Energy Flux Modulation Matrix (MEFMM), where power from the kingdoms of the Tisrad Dragon accumulates. The first entry concludes with Jazrene taking holy oaths.

Overall, even though Amezcua’s novella doesn’t run very long, it definitely packs quite a punch, given the exposition of his unique mythology fusing scientific and religious elements. Granted, the extensive unique terminology can be perplexing at times, and there isn’t any great description of the individuals populating the story, with the appearances of the various characters somewhat left to the imagination of the reader. Even so, Retribution is definitely an admirable first effort of a novella, recommended to hardcore science fiction enthusiasts.

Book Details for Retribution:

Book Title: Mantis Force: Retribution (Marium Kahnet Book 1) by R.J. Amezcua
Category: Adult Fiction, 150 pages
Genre: Sci-Fi, with elements of fantasy
Publisher: Quentorex Studios
Release date: April 11, 2017
Tour dates: Oct 1 to 31, 2018
Content Rating: PG + M (No explicit sex scenes or bad language)

Book Description for Retribution:

In a war-torn galaxy, Jazrene Vallo, the supreme spiritual leader of the Marium Kahnet, is close to fulfilling her divine destiny: refashion the Order as a beacon of light. But her plans for the sisterhood to become the official ambassadors of peace are compromised when she is forced to send mercenaries to capture rogue elements of the sisterhood seeking revenge against those responsible for murdering their families. Failure to capture them will bring an irreversible blemish upon the sisterhood. Unbeknownst to her, it may be too late to stop them.

After fifteen years of methodical planning and burrowing into the highly classified Leviathan project, the cadre of vengeful sisters are ready to execute their mission. Their goal: to destroy the Stadageos, vast military testing and bio-engineering bases where the twisted machinations of fallen creation formed the ungodly fierce races of Leviathans. Their failure will release death and destruction on a scale not experienced since the fall of creation. But even if they succeed, not all of them will survive.

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Meet the Author:

R. J. Amezcua was born and raised in Silicon Valley, and is happily married to Sheryl. As a young boy, one of his favorite TV shows was Lost in Space. Being an entrepreneur and visionary by nature, he has begun his journey as an author and writer. Using his love for science fiction, he created the epic saga “Mantis Force,” which encompasses a vast universe.

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