Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Allanon's Quest

Allanon's Quest by Terry Brooks
This Shannara short story focuses on the Druid Allanon generations after First King of Shannara and his restoration of Paranor to the world of Men, visiting the Elven village of Archer Trace, fifty miles northeast of the city of Arborlon. After entering a tavern, he beseeches information on Eldra Derrivanian, a keeper of genealogical records for the Elessedils. The Warlock Lord’s return is imminent, and Allanon sees the young Elven King Eventine Elessedil, seeking to protect the relatives of Jerle Shannara, and ultimately visiting Eldra’s abode for more information of Shannara descendants.

Eldra tells Allanon of Weir, a possible relative of the fantasy franchise’s eponymous royal family, with the Elf living on a farm north of Emberen close to the edge of the Kierlak Desert. Allanon visits Weir, although a Skull Bearer changes the situation, with the Druid returning to Derrivanian to hear of another heir to Shanarra, Aren Shea, also known as Shea Ohmsford, residing in the village of Shady Vale south of the Border Cities. The story ends with Allanon setting off for the heir, and is ultimately enjoyable, although there are some small details that are slightly unclear.

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