Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Urban Boys

In this action/adventure story, five teenage boys receive heightened senses from a foreign source, which tests their friendship. Several themes like loyalty and responsibility play part, alongside many twists and turns, with plenty of action throughout the narrative. Most of the novel’s events take place in the town of Danville Heights, which contrasts with the gloomy Sandry Lake, where evil abounds, and where the boys that receive their heightened sense are drawn to put an end to its sinister forces. Although the young men find themselves overwhelmed by their abilities and consequential responsibility, they realize that they must accept their fate.

As the boys crusade against the forces of darkness, a mysterious individual known as the Dark Stranger takes notice of them, and a gorgeous girl drives a wedge among them. The prologue occurs a score before the primary events, with two friends meeting in a preserve, only for a fight to erupt between them, given their differences of opinion. In an interesting stylistic decision, the author includes a sample of the text that appears within the thirty-plus chapters before each respective section, which is a decent choice that offers readers a preview of what to expect before they dive into each subdivision.

The narrative itself moves at a brisk pace, with several initial events such as a character’s death, and introduction of characters such as Mason Parker, obsessed with words and sometimes in want of solitude, although he is escorted to school daily by Jordan. There is occasional philosophy as well such as sports supposedly bringing people together. The Dark Stranger ultimately receives his revelation as well, and serves as both an overseer and caretaker. Ultimately, this is an enjoyable modern paranormal novel that fans of thrillers and action-packed storylines, young and old, will likely enjoy.

Author's Bio:

K.N. Smith is an American author and passionate advocate of childhood and family literacy programs throughout the world. She continues to inspire students of all ages to reach their highest potential in their literary and educational pursuits. Her creative, lyrical flair sweeps across pages that twist, turn, and grind through elements of paranormal and action-adventure in diverse, exciting, edge-of-your-seat narratives. She lives with her family in California.

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