Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Carnage Male

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The penultimate entry of author P.C. Hatter’s Kaiser Wrench series of detective novellas opens with the first-person tiger narrator finding his lynx secretary Velvet severely wounded on his office, not to mention a mutilated fellow tiger at his desk. Thus begins a search for the responsible party, suspected to be a criminal going by the alias of Epsilon, with Kaiser regularly meeting the Tasmanian devil Dr. Stark who is caring for Velvet as she recovers. During the hunt, Kaiser stumbles upon a profitable drug ring, with the novella’s action ending in a cabin in upstate New York.

All in all, this story is generally readable and has some okay twists, although it has many of the same issues that its precursors in the series have, such as the abrupt beginning and end, not to mention the sloppy editing job, given the degree of punctuation and occasional spelling errors. There’s also the fact that the names of the various characters don’t necessarily align with their respective species, making it difficult at points to keep track of them, although the mature themes are definitely sure to appeal to older members of the furry fandom.

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