Tuesday, May 25, 2021


 Existence…Eliminated: Poached Parody (Kaiser Wrench Book 11) 

The eleventh entry of author P.C. Hatter’s Kaiser Wrench Poached Parody series of novellas opens with first-person narrator and tiger detective Kaiser Wrench by the side of a dying knife victim, a hinny named Timothy “Tiny” Wallace. His apartment building supervisor is upset at losing a tenant, and Kaiser experiences some hostility with German shepherd investigator Duke Barrow. The case turns into a search for the murderer of a figure known as the Hungarian Hippo, with a contagious disease playing a role in the novella’s latter events, the United States President a target.

All in all, this was a bit of a disappointing read, given its shared issues with its predecessors such as its beginning in the middle of significant action, with no natural shift from the previous book to this one, and as with before one can find difficult keeping track of the species of all the characters without keeping notes. The narrative also has a tad too many subplots of which to keep track, and lackluster resolutions to all along with an abrupt ending that the book’s precursors had. I did appreciate the furry content of the story, but that’s pretty much the main redeeming aspect.

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