Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Beginning of the End

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The eleventh entry of authors Ramy Vance and Michael Anderle’s Dragon Approved series picks up almost immediately where its predecessor left off, with a portal in Earth’s skies opening to unleash antagonistic avian vrosks, with protagonist Alex Bound, leader of Team Boundless, also hearing the voice of the Dark One in her head. The dragonriders begin their attack, although a certain mishap early on causes the team to doubt the loyalties of the alien Vardis. Alex ultimately adopts a strategy to communicate telepathically with the Dark One, actually succeeding and buying Earth some time before total war erupts.

The novella ends with Alex having dinner with her companions and family back home and having a dream with Vardis. Notes from the authors come after the main text, with Vance mentioning another book series set in the world of Middang3ard, Dark Gate Angels, and Anderle once more thanking the readers and seeking input regarding the future of the franchise. All in all, I found this another enjoyable entry of the Dragon Approved series, with plenty of fantastical action and a hook into the next book that motivates me to continue reading the stories, and while some elements are derivative as before, I’m not hesitant to recommend this installment.

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