Sunday, May 30, 2021


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The thirteenth and final entry of the Dragon Approved series by authors Ramy Vance and Michael Anderle opens with protagonist Alex Bound abed in a hospital, with the antagonistic alien Vardis nearby, still intent on using a universe-destroying weapon of mass destruction to eradicate the Dark One. Vardis kills and nurse and flees, with Alex pursuing and battling him alongside Roy for a few chapters, after which they confront the extraterrestrial in a volcano in Middang3ard, with some surprise twists ending the series, and the authors relaying notes about their wives’ opinions about their writing.

Overall, I definitely had a blast with the Dragon Approved novellas, with each story very well putting quality above quantity, generally being straightforward and easy to follow, and not lost among mountains of descriptions or longwinded passages that tend to mar the pacing of longer, more convoluted narratives in the fantasy genre. I didn’t realize until a few books into the series that there were other series set in the same universe, and while this one does borrow elements from stories such as Pern and to a lesser extent Wheel of Time (particularly with the malevolent evil known as the Dark One), I very highly recommend it.

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