Saturday, May 15, 2021

An Alien Affair

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When the ninth book of Ramy Vance and Michael Anderle’s Dragon Approved series begins, the alien visitor encountered at the end of the previous book and protagonist Alex Bound are in quarantine, with the latter having nightmares largely involving the color green. The alien is a male named Vardis, who may hold the secret to defeating the forces of the Dark One that soon after attack the dragonrider school known as the Wasp’s Nest. Alex’s dreams also hold the key to victory against the forces of darkness, and when the book ends, her next destination is Earth’s moon.

All in all, this was another short, sweet, enjoyable entry of the authors’ Dragon Approved series, given of course its placement of quality over quantity in terms of length, not to mention plenty of good fantastical action and continuation from its predecessors, with little confusion in terms of narrative, and a sufficient hook into the following installment of the franchise. The anecdotes by each author after the main text, with Vance describing his family’s acquisition of lice during the start of the coronavirus pandemic and Anderle describing life in the 1980s, are good additions, and while the plot of the series is somewhat derivative, I’m not hesitant to recommend this novella.

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