Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Perfect Tear

Author Connie Lansberg dedicates this science fiction / fantasy novel to Stephen Kearney, who expressed patience as she formulated it, along with her artistic patron father and others such as her editor. The story itself focuses on an orphaned girl named Eleanor blessed with the gift of song, with her vocal capabilities keeping nature balanced, although dark falls upon her world when someone purloins her melodies. Thus, she seeks the titular Perfect Tear, a crystal holding the key to salvation for her world, and makes companions along the way such as Audrey and Bella, with whom she sometimes has strained relations. Overall, this is an enjoyable story, although the ending indicates that the story isn’t complete, that it’s just the first part of a series. Even so, this reviewer would gladly read any sequels to the work in the future.
Connie Lansberg is a singer/songwriter, scriptwriter and now author with the publication of her first book The Perfect Tear. Connie studied script writing at AFTR and has had songs placed in major Australian TV series. She has just complete an album of songs connected to the book and will be performing these live at her weekly jazz gig in Melbourne.

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