Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The Scribbly Man

The Scribbly Man by Terry Goodkind 

This first entry of a series of novellas bridging the gap between Terry Goodkind’s The Sword of Truth saga and The Nicci Chronicles opens with a man named Nolo wanting Richard, the Lord Rahl, to surrender the world to him, claiming to come in the name of an entity known as the Golden Goddess. Naturally, Richard and his wife, Mother Confessor Kahlan, are suspicious, and the latter unleashes her powers upon Nolo whilst interrogating him. Dead animals begin to appear on graves of the deceased, around which time a sorceress named Shale comes and offers the loyalty of the Northern Waste to Lord Rahl and the D’Haran Empire.

Shale’s people too have suffered mysterious deaths, and the eponymous “scribbly man,” whom Kahlan saw when unleashing her Confessor power on Nolo, imperils her, the ending revealing the meaning behind the sequel series’ name. Having enjoyed The Sword of Truth novels, I enjoyed diving back into Goodkind’s world, and in fact had waited for all entries of The Children of D’Hara series to come out before reading them. I definitely don’t regret my decision, and while there are occasional incongruities in the text such as a reference to six Mord-Sith and only five of them named, and the punctuation errors sometimes left by Goodkind’s editor, I would recommend this story to fans of its precursors.

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