Monday, July 13, 2020

Tales of the Firebirds

Tales of the Firebirds by Kyell Gold 

Author Kyell Gold assures this collection of short stories set in the universe of his Out of Position / Dev and Lee books is enjoyable without first reading them.

“Off the Cuff” – The fox Lee talks about a sexual encounter with an otter masquerading as a policeman.

“The Wallet Story” – A look into the life of the tiger Dev before the Out of Position books.

“Halftime Entertainment” – Gold notes this wasn’t originally an Out of Position story, and it looks into the footballer Jay Cornwall.

“Blessed” – Gold describes the story’s narrator Colin Smith as a “villain” in the universe of his series, although he’s far from a bad person, given his Christian faith.

“Sinful” – Narrated by Colin’s wife Penny, who is somewhat less chaste than her husband and has an interest in fornication.

“Slowing Down” – Focuses on one of Dev’s coaches, Coach Samuelson, parallel to the novels.

“False Dawn” – Focuses on the life of Lee when he was with his former spotted skunk boyfriend Brian.

“Heart” – Focuses on the journalist Hal and delves into how he formulates his sports stories.

“Getting to Sleep” – Lee’s father Brenly describes how sleep can be elusive for some.

“Rest Stop” – Trucker Argonne is interested in sexual activity.

“More Than a Game” – Gerrard wants financial security for his family.

“Contents Under Pressure” – I think Kodi is a bear, might be an athlete.

All in all, fans of the novels will enjoy this collection, although one can find difficult keeping track of the species of the various characters, and it is a bit inaccessible to those unfamiliar with the characters of the Out of Position books.

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