Monday, July 6, 2020

Out on the Highway

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The second installment of Todd Aldrington’s Todd and Colton series, narrated by the author himself posing as a blue raccoon like its precursor, opens with Todd indicating that it’s hard to keep his love for Colton the fox secret, and he thus comes out to his family. Consequentially, his father Oran kicks him out of the house, and he stays with Colton, whom he attempts to get to overcome his fear of swimming pools due to an accident by a relative. A fire at a farm owned by the cervine Tarbucks family plays part in some of the book’s events.

Also significant to the story’s events is an accident Todd’s trucker father has that lands him in the hospital, which leads to a revelation about a forgotten relative. Overall, this was a decent sequel, with politics kept minimal, and a general cool attitude towards religion, but there’s a bit of profane slurs, and minor mention of there being humans in the narrative’s universe. One can also find it difficult to keep track of the species of the various characters aside from Todd and Colton, and a list of dramatis personae would have been welcome. The audience for this book is niche like its predecessor.

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