Friday, July 3, 2020

Over Time

Over Time by Kyell Gold

The fifth entry of Kyell Gold’s Out of Position, or Dev and Lee, series, opens with a bit of an off-putting dedication, followed by the protagonists’ explanation of football from an animalian perspective. As with its precursors, this entry shows where the cities serving as the book’s various settings would be in the real-life United States, although references to things throughout the story such as Harry Potter somewhat spoil the fictional anthropomorphic milieu. Preceding the main text is a short story about a trucker who wants to “bag” Devlin Miski, which doesn’t have much relevance to the central storyline.

Like its predecessors, the book alternates between the perspectives of the tiger Dev and the fox Lee, the two starting off with make-up fornication, the former indicating troubles with his somewhat-bigoted brother Gregory, who, like Lee’s mother, hooked up with the religious group Families United and espouses their rhetoric on occasion, this setup playing a part in later events in the story. Dev’s fellow tiger and footballer Fisher continues to experience the consequences of his concussion, with a suicide attempt in the latter portion leaving him mute and necessitating he communicate through writing.

A marriage proposal on Lee’s part ends the storyline, along with the author espousing his dogma regarding the United States Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage, which very much mars the escapist nature of the plot and the furry fandom in general. That Dev and Lee have pretty much done things those wishing to marry are supposed to look forward to, such as living together and intercourse, somewhat spoils the point of them marrying in the first place, and they demonstrate a fair bit of sexual irresponsibility, such as not using protection or getting tested. Non-heterosexual furries are likely to get the most out of this story, but its audience is niche at best.

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