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The Life and Lessons of a Young Author

In this brief book, the eponymous young author, Sunayna Prasad, opens with a short introduction reaching out to fellow writers old and young who have or may not have had experience in publishing in any form, assuring that choices made in writing and publishing will make a difference. She opens the main text by stating that she has been writing since six and had dabbled mostly in various juvenile picture books. She gave up writing for around five years when becoming a teenager, although she resumed upon getting an idea upon turning sixteen.

Prasad suggests not submitting works-in-progress to friends and family for feedback, which would likely and consequentially be biased unless they were professional editors or were completely honest, and that people not known personally would be better critics. She indicates that professional feedback received indicated her story would not sell well, although she went against it and attempted publishing her book anyway, finding it did indeed not fare well on the market; critiques from a writing forum further affirmed that her initial story was a turkey.

Upon turning eighteen, Prasad rewrote her book while still remaining true to her original ideas in accordance with the feedback provided by professionals, and found that while her new revised story received better reception, it still did not sell well due to the writer not building an effective platform before publishing. She suggests that reading books in an author’s own genre is necessary towards becoming an effective writer, and proceeds to detail her experiences on being a self-published storyteller, with her stories still not selling well and even receiving many average reviews.

Prasad suggests in her section about writing sequels that they must stand on their own, and that information-dumping tends to be off-putting, prologues in general being difficult to write. She indicates that manuscripts should be error-free, and that reading hardcopy stories tends to catch more errors than doing so in word processors. The penultimate section details with the difficulties of brainstorming, the last indicating the author’s removal of her books from the market due to the mistake she made of not building a fanbase prior.

Overall, being a fledgling author himself, this reviewer definitely appreciated reading about the process through which Prasad went when formulating and self-publishing her series, and has had similar experience considering his series his “baby” before ultimately removing his own books from the market due to negative feedback and weak sales. This reviewer will admit that he somewhat enjoys reading other authors’ stories more than writing himself, although given inspiration from a fellow young author, he might just take another crack at working on his magnum opus in the future and would recommend this brief but informative book to other fledgling writers.

Book Details:

Book Title: The Life and Lessons of a Young Author by Sunayna Prasad
Category: YA Non-fiction, 19 pages
Genre: Writing
Publisher: Amazon KDP
Release date: Sept 1, 2018
Format available for review: ebook (PDF)
Tour dates: Aug 13 to 31, 2018
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

Whether you are young or old, The Life and Lessons of a Young Author can offer those who dream of finding the right path in the world of writing and publishing. Sunayna Prasad shares her experience as a young author and discusses what went well for her and what she suggests to those who long for success.

Talking about her life as a published writer, Sunayna Prasad teaches you the rules of the writing craft and the standards of the publishing world, as well as additional tips and tricks. The Life and Lessons of a Young Author can help you choose your own writing and publishing paths.

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Meet the Author:

Sunayna Prasad has been writing since she was six. She continues to write fiction and non-fiction today and has even won a Pacific Book-Review award. She lives in New York, and when not writing, likes to create art and cook.

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