Wednesday, August 15, 2018



This Sword of Truth novel opens with protagonist Richard healed after a battle with the Imperial Order, although when he asks to see Kahlan, no one has any idea at all who she is, even when the Lord of D’Hara tries to jog the memories of those close to him, for instance, showing him the statue that he carved in the Imperial Order’s capital of Altur’Rang, which the enemy seeks to reclaim, spearheaded by the wizard Kronos. Richard’s friends also find many books of prophecy to have blank pages, with the Seeker going to the witch Shota to seek answers.

The eponymous Chainfire provides a clue into what exactly is happening, and provides a good mystery that will keep readers hooked, although some might find the sudden and strange and sudden change of circumstances to be a bit off-putting in opening chapters. The author, furthermore, is akin to the politician who talks a lot but says little, given the scarcity of the events throughout the story’s length, but those who enjoyed prior Sword of Truth entries will likely enjoy this one, although those new to the series will likely want to start at the beginning.

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