Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest IV

The symphonic suite for the fourth Dragon Quest game, the first in the Zenithian trilogy, opens with the familiar overture of the series, although the introduction is different from that in the Erdrick / Roto / Loto trifecta. The album proceeds to the main castle theme, the remix of the first track heard in the game when starting up a new playthrough. Then comes the main menu music, followed by the themes for each set of characters, which double as overworld themes before the player assumes control of the protagonist they ultimately name.

The dungeon and tower themes have been combined into a single piece, both being strong, and the themes for flying and sailing are interjoined, too. The theme for Zenith Castle gets its own singular remix, and the normal battle and final boss themes are combined, too. The new boss battle theme introduced in remakes of the fourth game is absent, however, although the symphonic suite ends on a high note with the rousing ending theme, accounting for another solid album by revered Dragon Quest composer Koichi Sugiyama.

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