Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack

While the second mainline Final Fantasy title to grace the Sony PlayStation, the eighth, sold well, it nonetheless polarized players, given its offbeat mechanics. Its sequel proved something of a return to form for the franchise, given its fantasy setting in comparison to the greater emphasis on science-fiction aspects in the seventh and eighth games, and the soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu reflects this, starting with the title screen theme, “The Place I’ll Return to Someday,” which is somewhat haunting given its soft flute instrumentals, and the main theme to the series plays part in the following piece, “Memories Erased in the Storm.”

Like the eighth game, FF9 contains a central theme, in its case “Melodies of Life,” the Japanese version of which is included towards the end of the soundtrack, and has a beat similar to Queen’s “We Are the Champions.” A few of the pieces also pay homage to classic rock, such as Kuja’s themes, many of which use the drumline to Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Most characters have their own themes, and many pieces pay homage to past Final Fantasy music, with the main battle theme, for instance, sounding a like a cross between those from the sixth and eighth games. Overall, this soundtrack, one of the longest in the series, is definitely recommended.

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