Monday, May 28, 2018

Gaming Update, 28 May 2018

An image of the Breath of the Wild's boxart
I have one Divine Beast subdued and am in another shrine, ready to try out the challenge that awaits me. I'll likely spend my next orbs on stamina since I need more to get to the companion shrine to the lower one atop one of the Dueling Peaks.

Resonance of Fate Cover Art.jpg
Still in Chapter 14. I got a ton of Bezel Shards from an unexplored area of the overworld, and consequentially two additional action points for battle. I've still been farming green hexes and doing the arena on the side, linking terminals to it for max benefits in battle.

I got to Chapter 2, and have more Yen and Completion Points to spend. I'll probably stock up on healing items as well since the boss fight at the end of the previous chapter slightly taxed my consumable items, and it's better safe than sorry.

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