Thursday, January 14, 2021

Small World


In the second installment of Gre7g Luterman’s Kanti Cycle, a commissioner mistakenly allowed his previous cleaning crew to starve to death, and thus, the kangaroo-like geroo protagonist Kanti, alongside forty-nine teammates, have to live in a one room-barracks, a singular airlock protecting them from the poisonous atmosphere of the planet they occupy. The ship on which they were formerly, the White Flower II, has vague objectives, and the commissioner visits the planet Krakuntec, home of the reptilian krakun species. A series of events leads to Kanti finding salvation at the hands of a being known as a sourang, who demands his obedience in return.

I didn’t really appreciate this sequel as much as the first book, largely due to the fragmented nature of many of its events, and the relative interchangeability of the characters, with little description to set them apart, although Rick Griffin’s illustrations do look nice. However, indicators below the pictures on which of the dramatis personae were which would have definitely been welcome. I definitely did appreciate the racy content of the plotline, and the novel is definitely for mature audiences, but said content is largely nothing to write home about. It’s certainly not a bad novel, but I just didn’t find it a terribly-memorable read.

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