Sunday, January 24, 2021

Fair Trade


Continuing from the second Kanti Cycle book, the series’ eponymous protagonist, a geroo, a likely-kangaroo-like alien, finds himself in slavery, and yearns to go home to his love Tish. The third and final entry follows Kanti’s life as a slave, during which he attempts to improve their living conditions to be bearable, although he does find positives such as a good harvest. He constantly changes owners throughout the book’s events, and his love Tish finds herself in her own dire circumstances that somewhat climax when Kanti does finally return by her side.

All in all, I found this a rather-disappointing end to the Kanti Cycle, which, despite my involvement in the furry fandom, wasn’t all that engaging or memorable, given in particular the lack of descriptions or reminders as to the appearances of the various characters and alien races, and while there are a few illustrations by Rick Griffin, indicators on which luminary was which would have certainly been welcome. There is a bit of mature content and some sexual references, although the third book like its precursors highly downplays them, and I would definitely be hesitant overall to recommend this read.

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