Sunday, January 3, 2021

Skeleton Crew


The first entry of Gre7g Luterman’s Kanti Cycle opens with a ceremonial euthanasia of a kangaroo-esque geroo after sixty years of life, with protagonist Kanti giving a eulogy. The chief setting is the spaceship metropolis White Flower II, where the richest geroo live towards the top of the vessel, whereas the poorer inhabitants, Kanti among them, live towards the bottom. The geroo coexist with the reptilian krakun, with Kanti exploring the vessel and hearing about the fabled skeleton crew, although it seems to be a taboo topic. Kanti works as a geroo recycler, and finds love early on.

Ateri serves as captain of the White Flower II, later serving as a scapegoat among the disgruntled inhabitants of the vessel. Kanti investigates a tragedy that leaves him upset for several chapters, with mysterious circumstances surrounding his birth token that is essentially a license to live. Kanti becomes intimate with Tish, although certain events cause her to believe that he is disloyal or has a secondary occupation. The action of the novel climaxes with the poorer inhabitants of the vessel attempting mutiny against Captain Ateri, who ultimately lauds Kanti as a hero.

All in all, I mostly enjoyed this science-fiction novel with anthropomorphic characters, with several illustrations from Rick Griffin that give visual assistance mainly for the geroo and krakun, although pre-text notes such as a list of dramatic personae would have been welcome, and the characters are largely interchangeable as far as their appearances go. It’s also a slight hodgepodge of other science-fiction such as Logan’s Run and Soylent Green, although it definitely stands decently on its own, and I would mainly recommend it to furries seeking a good niche novel.

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