Friday, October 23, 2020

War Mage

 War Mage (The Magitech Chronicles #4) 

This entry of author Chris Fox’s Magitech Chronicles opens with Skare about to meet a Guardian, before the action changes to Aran, who steps onto a fabled vessel known as the First Spellship, continuing to question his loyalty towards the Confederacy. Sure enough, Aran starts his own band of mercenaries, and interrogates Kheross about various matters. Aran ultimately plans a large operation, aiming for military bases such as Fort Crockett and battling rival vessels, and has a personal battle with Arkelion, the results of some of his missions made known in the news.

Nara, in the meanwhile, deals with a Wyrm attack, and is reluctant to meet Eros. She controls the vessel Talon, and yearns to visit a Zephyr research facility. Voria receives a significant amount of focus as well, becoming friends with Ikadra, the Krox in the meantime invading the New Texas colony. Thus, Voria seeks to familiarize herself with the controls of the First Spellship. The last few events in the story occur in Ternus space, with Nara glad to be in their captivity, and Nebiat ascending to godhood through supernatural means.

All in all, this entry definitely isn’t one of the finer moments of the Magitech Chronicles series, and stumbles often with regards to its slight character and perspective fatigue. I found it difficult to imagine the appearances of the various characters, particularly the draconic ones, as well. The mixture of science-fiction and fantasy definitely doesn’t work as well as it does in franchises such as Star Wars, it’s somewhat difficult to remember the important events of the novel, and I would only recommend this entry to those who truly enjoyed its precursors.

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