Sunday, October 18, 2020

Ringing Bell


My memory is somewhat weird, and I would consider it semi-eidetic, and while it was only recently that I heard about this anime film from the late seventies (which I watched on Amazon Prime), I remember distinctly its cover art from well over two decades ago. It centers on a lamb named Chirin whose mother the Wolf King kills, and thus Chirin wants vengeance, showing shades of Stockholm syndrome by having the very lupine who killed his mother teach him. It's a bit of a commentary of the futility and emptiness of revenge, and I can definitely empathize. There is a bit of artistic license with regards to the animal designs, but the music is actually memorable, something I rarely give attention when watching Western cinema. It also had one of the better localizations of early anime, and I can understand where future anime would get some of their ideas from.

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