Saturday, October 3, 2020

Brotherhood of the Wolf

The second entry of David Farland’s Runelords series opens with the beginning of the festival Hostenfest beginning at the Castle at Tal Rimmon in northern Mystarria, and continues the “book” numbering from its precursor with Book 6 occurring on day 30 in the month of harvest. King Gaborn Val Orden rides towards Castle Sylvarresta on the last day of Hostenfest, and Chooses the child Verrin Drinkham for the Earth. Meanwhile, Roland visits an inn in the village of Hay in the midlands of Mystarria, with a girl doting on him there. Additionally, Myrrima wakes said that the Earth chose Bonny Cleads, and feels uncomfortable in the King’s presence despite being friends with Iome.

Baron Poll and Roland ride towards Carris, with Akhoular the far-seer anticipating a battle there. Myrrima, in the meantime, practices archery, with her husband having slain King Sylvarresta under the orders of King Orden after the battle of Longmot. King Gaborn refuses the service of the High Marshal Skalbairn, with a female known as the green woman playing a sizeable role in the second book. The maiden Averan is angry at her graak being dead, and on the last evening of Hostenfest, Gaborn goes to the village of Twynhaven. The sixth book ends with news of enemies known as the reavers.

Book 7 occurs on the thirty-first day in the month of harvest, with Bessahan being high in the Brace Mountains, with King’s Wits, men who endowed King Mendellas Draken Orden with use of their minds, allowing their skulls to be vessels to others’ memories. Meanwhile, Raj Ahten finds himself to be the Earth King’s cousin by marriage, with Iome thinking about her mother’s murder, and Binnesman wanting her to flee danger. Roland finds the ride down from the Brace Mountains into Carris to be surprisingly easy, although he is unsure about what to do with the green woman.

King Orden visits a hostel on the Durkin Hills Road, with Gaborn sensing danger, and Raj Ahten rowing to the Blue Tower. Borenson loses his endowments, with Gaborn witnessing a Darkling Glory drawing light from the sky into a funnel of fire and seeking prey. Erin Connal ultimately reaches Castle Groverman on the banks of the Wind River, but finds little celebration, with Erin doubting Gaborn’s skills as a strategist. Borenson is jealous of Raj Ahten’s love for Saffira, with Gaborn lauding Myrrima’s deeds with earthen power, Myrrima afterward headed to the Dedicate’s Keep. The seventh book ends with Gaborn given a decision on whether to Choose a boy.

Book 8 occurs on the first day of the month of leaves, with King Anders distraught from years of worry. Averan finds himself in a shallow grave, Myrrima is restless and distrusts Sir Hoswell, and the green woman, who ultimately receives the identity of Spring, fights reavers. Several battles terminate the first Runelords sequel, the consequence of which is the foundation of the eponymous Brotherhood of the Wolf. Ultimately, I found this a deep, interesting read, and the internet helped me get a slightly-better grasp on the terminology, but it’s a tad convoluted, and only those who earnestly enjoyed the first book will like the second.


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