Sunday, August 30, 2020

Into Darkness

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Unlike its precursors, the final entry of Terry Goodkind’s Children of D’Hara series, a successor to the Sword of Truth books, is a full-length novel, opening with Kahlan having issues with her pregnancy that the plant mother’s breath can rectify. Richard and company go to the city of Bindamoon, whose streets are deserted, with its queen desiring to meet them. Glee and a man named Iron Jack hamper their progress, with a meeting with the queen ultimately coming, in whom every member of the company sees a vision of their mother.

Richard is quickly separated from Kahlan, taken by a coven of witches that wants her to birth her twins, in which case they would kill them, given the prophecy that one would be a “monster.” The Lord Rahl and his companions give chase, and the journey soon takes them to the city of Aydindril. A confrontation with the Golden Goddess ultimately comes, and Richard finds himself stuck in the world of the Glee, with one of them, named Sang, helping the Lord Rahl. The fate of the sequel series’ eponymous children of D’Hara is naturally resolved at the end.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed the Children of D’Hara series, having liked its prequel books, and it somewhat goes quickly, given the relative brevity of the chapters, with plenty of addition to the world of Richard and Kahlan. Not all is perfect, however, as Goodkind’s editor overlooked some misused punctuation, and I had a bit of a difficult time imagining the appearance of the Glee. Regardless, if this sequel series was meant to bridge the gap between The Sword of Truth and its chronological successors, The Nicci Chronicles, I’m definitely game for those books.

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