Saturday, August 8, 2020

Hateful Things


*spoilers ahead*

The second entry of Terry Goodkind’s sequel novellas to The Sword of Truth, Children of D’Hara, continues where its precursors left off, with the revelation that Kahlan, the Mother Confessor, is pregnant with a twin boy and girl, having back in the preceding books lost her first pregnancy, and she doesn’t want her husband, Richard, the Lord Rahl, to know, for fear that her unborn would be vulnerable. The gifted of the People’s Palace are gathered in hopes of combating the forces of the Golden Goddess, specifically the phantasmal “scribbly men” and what are identified as “the Glee.”

One of the gifted’s ungifted daughter, Dori, proves significant among them, and plays a role in the twists on in the story, which ends with the need of Richard, Kahlan, and their gifted companion Shale, to use the sliph, which helped Richard plenty of times back in The Sword of Truth novels. Ultimately, I found this a fairly enjoyable, quick read, decently continuing the storyline of Richard and Kahlan from the prior novels in which they starred, although there are some odd stylistic choices such as referring to adversaries as “the Glee.” Regardless, I will definitely read the next Children of D’Hara novellas.

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