Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Earth Shadows

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The fifth entry of Daniel Arenson’s Earthrise series opens with one of the main protagonists, Addy, a prisoner of the antagonistic aliens known as the marauders, who yearn to fatten up their prisoners before feasting upon them. Addy plots insurrection with the other humans, and is ferried back to the ruinous planet Earth, where she seeks her old boyfriend Steve and his friend Stooge. She ultimately forms the Human Resistance with survivors of the marauder conquest, given the decimation of the formal Human Defense Force (HDF) by the aliens, although other factions such as human supremacists somewhat mar Addy’s attempt to unite her people.

Meanwhile, Marco, Lailani, Kemi, and Einav Ben-Ari fly through space far from Earth, quickly abandoning their vessel, the Saint Brendan, in favor of the captured alien ship, the Anansi, with which they continue to outrun the marauders tailing them whilst continuing to seek the fabled Ghost Fleet that could hypothetically turn the tide in the war. They eventually find themselves on a planet with peaceful and intelligent beings, the four-armed and -mouthed Nandakis, one who joins them in their adventure. Furthermore, the remnants of the HDF make one last stand against the marauders under the leadership of Brigadier-General James Petty.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed this entry of the series, with the different plot threads generally being easy to follow, with occasional humor and popular-culture references from the latter half of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. The fifth book also divulges some backstory on Addy and Einav, with the latter learning the true fate of her vanished father later on in the story. It’s certainly by no means a flawless story, and some reminders as to the appearance of the characters and alien species would have been welcome, but I would definitely recommend it to science-fiction fans in general.

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