Monday, August 24, 2015

Melanie's Evanescent Journey

This novel by B. Truly is actually an interquel tying the first and second installments of the author’s The Sonar Trilogy, dedicated to the writer’s family, especially her mother, although one can enjoy it without having read the other entries of the franchise. The narrator and protagonist, the titular Melanie, was born in raised in Australia although her father accepted a job transfer to Denver, Colorado, and now lives in America, attending her first day as a senior at Cashmere High. She quickly befriends Ebony Wilson and an amnesiac student named Jason, and regularly has dreams that can border on violent and almost realistic.

The first half of the novel focuses on Melanie’s scholastic life and development of her relationship with Jason, with whom she studies and watches television a few times, although the second part of the book somewhat shifts the narrative’s genre from realistic fiction to science fiction, with several interesting twists that completely alter the story’s direction. Concluding the book is an epilogue taking place four years after the main chapters, which nicely rounds out the novel, although the sudden shift of genres will definitely catch readers off-guard. Even so, this reviewer can easily recommend this gripping tale.

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