Saturday, August 15, 2015

Heart Dancing

Author Kathryn Eriksen dedicates this Christian-themed novel to those who stubbornly seek and accept the truth, and acknowledges various individuals such as her husband, daughter, brothers, her twin (though the gender is unspecified), and God. Before the main narrative, she asks readers if they ever see magic tricks and wonder how they’re done, noting that good magicians might show them and great ones see the mystery they can manipulate at will, with the main trick being to look through the mystery. The writer indicates that magicians and others move to their own music in life, aims to change readers from victims to creators, and denotes that her story provides clues how we can create our own realities, that the reader is the star of the show.

Each chapter in the text opens with various inspirational quotes related to music and dancing from luminaries in the field such as Robert Fripp, Berthold Auerbach, and Leo Tolstoy, the initial chapter narrating how mother Christine Hartt dreads the decision by her husband Brian to leave the family, given an occurrence many years prior to the birth of their daughter Savanna Anne. In the meantime, Savanna gets into trouble at school, getting into a fight with a bully that leads her to see her school’s Principal, Janet Andersen, who plays a significant role throughout the story, with Savanna’s mother too distraught from her rocky relationship with her husband to properly discipline her child.

Christine works as a nurse, having met Brian in college, and the two with their daughter live in Newridge, Colorado, with Savanna ultimately adapting a strategy of getting in touch with nature to deal with her problems, encountering a mysterious woman named Avery and her dog Avatar. One of the primary twists is somewhat predictable prior to its revelation, although there are others within the text, which has a satisfying conclusion, after which the writer poses several questions to the reader about whether stories they created about traumatic events are painful and need to be rewritten. Overall, this is an enjoyable and inspirational read from start to finish that this reviewer highly recommends.

Author's Bio:

Kathryn Eriksen is known as the "Story Alchemist." She has touched many people with her inspirational books, blog and articles about living your best life. A lawyer by training, she transformed her own life story from anger and frustration to love, joy and peace through the use of the same techniques that she shares in "Heart Dancing."

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