Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lola's Money

This romance novel begins one stormy Saturday evening in February, when the main female protagonist, Lola French, twenty-eight years old, watches television in a flat she shares with her boyfriend Alan in East Calder near Livingston in Scotland. An immediate twist comes when she realizes she wins the lottery, although she has an immediate fight with her boyfriend, with whom she severs ties, moving back in with her mother Betty. Lola, looking forward to being a multi-millionaire with her eight-million-pound prize, works as a financial advisor for an Edinburgh-based company, where she has a lukewarm relationship with fellow employee Cassie Matthews, and struggles with the decision of to whom she should reveal her newfound fortune.

Betty is a divorced mother, and becomes angry when her ex-husband George makes himself known again briefly following the news of their daughter’s lottery win. Lola and her mother makes plans to take a cruise to Venice, during which Betty falls for a man named Jeremy and Lola for a man named Carlos. Things take a turn for the worse when a kidnapping comes into play during the vacation that ultimately leads to hospitalization at the end of the second part of the novel. The third part takes place after the Italian vacation, with several romantic twists that involve a love triangle, with plentiful reversals and more twists.

Overall, this is an enjoyable romance novel that enthusiasts of the genre will most likely appreciate, given its twisting and turning nature and unexpected reveals, dealing well with the implications of winning a large fortune.

Author's Bio:

Rosanna Rae is married with three grown-up sons and lives in Livingston, Scotland. She has a B.A. (Open) in Social Science subjects and also took a writing course with The Writers Bureau some years ago. She spent 16 years at home raising her family and then returned to full-time secretarial employment in Edinburgh.

Rosanna has wanted to write fiction since she was ten years of age, after reading an abridged version of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. She is delighted to be now fulfilling that early ambition.

'Lola's Money' is the author's fifth novel; she is currently writing her sixth book.

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