Sunday, March 7, 2021

Ember Rising


Like its precursors, the third installment of author S.D. Smith’s Green Ember series opens with a prologue involving the history of Whitson Mariner. The first main chapter has an initial twist as to the identity of a singing slave, with several turncoat rabbits given focus. In the meanwhile, Picket and Helmer see through their own objectives, namely seeking the First Warren, with the latter suffering injury that impedes their progress. Several well-described battles against wolves and birds of prey occur throughout the book, and Heather’s younger brother Jacks is gradually fattened up for a feast.

The rabbits continue to fight for their freedom in and around the stronghold of Akolan, with Picket and Helmer ultimately encountering another leader of the resistance, Captain Moonlight. The celebration of Victory Day among the wolves and birds of prey eventually come, with Vitton the Skinner wanting to force Heather into submission, the latter events of the book focusing on the skilled archer rabbit Jo Shanks’ battle against Lord Falcowit. Several prominent lapines die, with loyalties settled, and the story ends with a cliffhanger where Heater finds herself in darkness.

Overall, I found this another good entry of the Green Ember series, and as a furry, I especially liked the focus on animal characters, which are easier to imagine, with no humans at all in the story. The illustrations bring to light the appearances of certain characters and events, although there are no “good” wolves or birds of prey, with the rabbits being grayer in terms of goodness or badness. The villains are also convincing, with decent political themes as well, although the theme of rebellion against an unjust government has been done before. Regardless, I look forward to reading the final entry.

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