Saturday, March 20, 2021

All Dogs Go to Heaven


Watched it on Netflix this morning. Don Bluth's art style is definitely good, but he's not nearly as good a storyteller as Disney's animators, with Charlie coming across as a bit of a douche for most of the film (although he does somewhat get better), and I more believe all *good* dogs go to heaven, since I don't believe in predestination (there are some things that are predestined, but I don't believe salvation is among them), and believe more in justification by works. The target audience also seems vague (and it probably should've been rated PG instead), since there are a lot of adult themes, although a lot of the dialogue and musical numbers come across as saccharine. Generally, it was slightly painful to watch, which I usually don't say about a film other than the political documentary I'll have no intention in my lifetime to see.

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