Sunday, November 1, 2020

Krox Rises


The fifth entry of author Chris Fox’s Magitech Chronicles science-fiction series opens with Nebiat coping with becoming a god, finding controlling the Mind of Krox to be challenging, and bringing doom to the world of Ternus and its moons. Meanwhile, Aran, who visits Alamo Station, witnesses this event, experiencing the gradual destruction of the station. Aran regularly visits the prisoners aboard the Talon, including Kheross, who fears for his daughter. Ikadra and Voria also explore the First Spellship, encountering the Mirror of Shaya. Voria herself aims to ascend to godhood so she can fight Nebiat.

Several supernatural experiences end the novel, which is very much on par with its precursors, which isn’t always a good thing, as the story is generally forgettable and feels fragmented at times, with unclear indication of what races the various characters are, whether dragon or human, although some of the battle scenes are well-written. The series in general doesn’t execute its fusion of science-fiction and fantasy as well as other franchises such as say, Star Wars, but those with a passing interest in both genres might find something to celebrate in this book and its precursors.

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