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The final entry of Chris Fox’s Magitech Chronicles begins with Nebiat opening a void pocket whilst fearing rejection by her son. In the meantime, Nefarius tests her new body, having gotten used to being a dragon, and Aran translocates to the Crucible as Kazon works on his mecha. Krox cautions Nebiat about bowing before Voria, whilst she bargains with Pickus, with Krox ready for war and wielding the mystical spear Worldender. Nefarius spirits to Colony 3, flush with new magic, and knowing Xal will eventually return for a final conflict.

Crewes needs a void mage created, with Voria and Frit ready for battle, and Ikadra serving as a conduit for worship. Nefarius digests Krox’s magic, with Virkonna talking to her child Kheross, who believes that the war is lost. Nefarius gazes into her deceased sister’s mind, with Kheross fearing Aran, while Nebiat gathers spirit and urges her followers to overthrow the gods. Aran expects a high death toll in the coming war, while the Skull of Xal is encountered by Nara, with Xal being necessary to defeat Nefarius. Aran and Kazon partake in the blood of Xal, with the god’s memory playing out.

Lieutenant Davidson is tired of war, questioning the allegiance of the Krox, with Aran practicing linking to his mecha in anticipation of the final conflict. Kazon is reluctant to leave his own mecha, knowing not how to take full advantage of his magic, and he visits the tomb of a demon prince, from which nobody has ever emerged. Nara in the meantime has a vision of a coliseum hosting a play, with an individual named Enoch guiding her through an ancient city. Beings known as the oni play a significant role in the book’s narrative, wishing to revive their god, whilst demons lay waste in combat.

Sabra introduces Aran and Nara to her husband Jerich, afterward taking them to Malazra, with Kazon seeing the oni gather, telling Graal the time is near for war. Aran looks over a map of Xal’s heart, with Crewes ordering Bord to open a Fissure. Nefarius visits the Crucible, vowing retribution against those who would dare betray her, and Enoch prepares for his first journey in a million years, having witnessed and experienced much. Aran succeeds in recruiting the oni, with the Skull of Xal materializing, and Aran speaking to Xal’s demons.

Frit observes Nebiat’s form, yearning to create a religious order, and Kaho arrives for a council meeting, with Administrator Pickus suggesting that he and the others are hostages. Crewes lands near the Temple of Shi, attempting to make contact with it, and Kaho pities his genocidal mother. Kazon knows an official leader is necessary to stand a chance against the demons, with most of the characters ready for war, and Frit professing her love for Kaho. Aran spends several chapters fighting Nefarius, keeping his mecha’s tactics in mind, with the war ultimately ending.

Overall, I enjoyed this final entry of the Magitech Chronicles, given plentiful science-fiction action and colorful characters, with some occasional commentary about religion. The various battles are well-orchestrated, and the characters receive decent development and evolution throughout the novel. Granted, one can occasionally have trouble keeping track of the various plot arcs and dramatic personae, with a list of the characters and better descriptions apt to help those readers who might easily get lost in the plotline. Regardless, I definitely don’t regret experiencing this series, and would recommend it to those looking for a decent hybrid of fantasy and science-fiction.

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