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Tammy, the Little Cat with a Big Attitude

This realistic fiction novel by Liane Carter relates her experiences with the eponymous feline when she was younger, first finding her as a baby only a few weeks old at a pet shop after she and her family have exhausted other options in seeking a kitten, who, like the author, has her own first-person passages. After initial refusal by her parents to adopt her, Liane takes the kitten home, finding first that she doesn’t care much for car rides. The kitten doesn’t like Liane at first, with familial trouble in coming up for a name before Liane’s mother ultimately settles on Tammy.

Tammy takes her time in getting used to Liane’s home, although she eventually begins eating and using her litter tray, despite being active mostly in the night but not during the day. She is also initially reluctant to play with toys, although she ultimately develops a slight bond with an inanimate plush monkey whose inertia perplexes her. Tammy’s diet soon comes to encompass fish, with her caregivers having trouble weaning her off milk and porridge, and she develops an affinity for being brushed, specifically by Liane’s hairbrush, refusing brushing by one designed for felines.

The kitten also develops a liking for music, and loves the balcony of the flat where her caretakers live, although several reversals happen throughout the story, which ultimately draws to an end, accounting for a poignant tale that is sure to tug at one’s heartstrings. This reviewer should mention that he is part of a family that loves cats, and could thus relate to many of the experiences the author had throughout her novella. There are some stylistic choices with which the reviewer disagrees such as the pace-breaking capitalizations of various words through the text, although cat lovers in particular are sure to enjoy this yarn.

Book Details:

Book Title: Tammy The Little Cat With a Big Attitude by Liane Carter
Category: Adult Non-fiction, 140 pages
Genre: Pets / Memoir (told from cat's perspective)
Publisher: Independently published
Release date: September 28, 2018
Tour dates: Nov 26 to Dec 21, 2018
Content Rating: PG (mild language - "hell", "bloody")

Book Description:

I was snatched from my mum when I was only two weeks old, and what happened next was bigger than any kitten could imagine.

"A gently witty and charming story which draws the reader in from the word 'go' to a truly entrancing feline perspective on human well-intentioned but frequently misguided behaviour when taking on a new pet."
- Mary Ashton, retired veterinary surgeon

"A heart-warming story that really has unique perspective on the ever-important animal-human bond (and how our pets really feel about us)."
- Sommer Pari, licensed veterinary technician

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Meet the Author:

Devoted to giving her readers smiles, tears and tension in both her poignant non-fiction and fast-paced fantasy adventures, Liane Carter bares her soul. Author of The Chronicles of Joya, The Dream Devils, Darcy: The Dog Who Talked and Tammy: The Little Cat With A Big Attitude, she has written features and a weekly column for Costa Blanca News, articles for Writing Magazine, and has taught over 150 writing workshops. She pours her innate joy into her books and also expresses it in nature, playing instruments, creating art and dancing.

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